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In a world where comfort, reliability, performance and respect for the environment are the minimum requirement today, the AZURA MC 210 sets new standards in urban cleanliness.

mathieu mc110 sweeper fayat environmental solutions


Our compact AZURA MC 210 platform is the culmination of over 90 years' experience in the field of cleaning, comprising four different solutions: pure sweeping, versatile sweeping, scrubbing and washing. In a world where comfort, reliability, performance and respect for the environment are the minimum requirement today, our AZURA MC 210 sets new standards in urban cleanliness and is available with the latest clean engines in Diesel or Petrol.
Mathieu MC210 compact sweeper fayat environmental solutions


With its extra-compact dimensions, small rear overhang, 2- or 4-wheel steering in sweeping mode and an optimised turning radius, the AZURA MC 210 can easily negotiate obstacles and can be manoeuvred with great agility through narrow streets. The urban environment is its favourite playground. In travel mode, the Auto-Steer function, which automatically realigns the rear axle, allows the operator to stay focused on his task and to quickly and safely get from one working zone to another.
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Azura Flex

The AZURA FLEX is the essence of flexibility; being the 5-in-1 tool-sweeper version of the AZURA MC 210. Designed to be in ac on all year round thanks to its remarkable performance and flexibility, it will meet all your needs in terms of urban viability in all seasons, more than any other solution. With the standard front arrangement, it becomes a three-brush sweeping solution, a mechanical weeding solution, a brushing/ scouring, washing or snow removal solution. It takes less than 5 minutes to install the different tools. It is therefore easy for the operator and doesn't require specific machines for the various tasks.
Mathieu compact Aquazura MC210 fayat environmental solutions

Aquazura MC 210

The Aquazura cleaning system simultaneously achieves wetting, soaping, scrubbing, recovery and recycling of the waste water. All these actions combined into one machine ensure the Aquazura is unrivalled in its abilities. Associated with a "clean" vehicle, with a low noise level, the ECO-WASHING® method is non-aggressive to the environment and is particularly well adapted to any type of floor and surface covering. The eco-washing enables you to recover the waste water, greases and oils, solid and fine waste before separation and recycling.
Mathieu compact Aquadyne MC 210 fayat environmental solutions

Aquadyne MC 210

Given Mathieu's long experience of producing washing equipment, the Aquadyne is particularly wall specified. The washing system comprises a central spraying bar and two independently selectable telescopic side extension bars. The spraying head can be slewed and lifted hydraulically and is controlled from the comfortable cab, thus enabling a precise targeting of the areas which require intensive washing. The side flushing jets are independently controlled. Their power and orientation are perfectly adapted for cleaning under vehicles, inside bus shelters and under benches.

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Mathieu MC 210

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