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Our Story

Our Story

Fayat is committed to sustainable development. To honour this commitment, we strive continuously for the ideal balance between product functionality and economic efficiency on the one hand and social responsibility and respect for the environment on the other.

Fayat is a family-owned company. And, like any family, we care about the next generations. That means we don't focus on short-term results. For us, sustainability is not only a key element of our mission statement but also a major factor of everything we do. We define sustainability as:

...meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs - which in turn means boosting economic prosperity, environmental quality and social responsibility for the benefit of people, the planet and profit.

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Entrepreneurial spirit

These values underpin the Fayat Environmental Solutions initiative by Mathieu from France, RAVO from the Netherlands, and Scarab from the United Kingdom. Fayat Environmental Solutions is our new Business Unit which was established in 2017 and represents our values and reflects our entrepreneurial spirit. 

With over 150 years of experience all together, a global network and proven technologies, Fayat Environmental Solutions offers a full product range of sweepers in the sub compact, compact, compact mid-size and truck mounted segments, making Fayat Environmental Solutions one of the largest players in the street sweeping industry. In addition to its focus on being the leader in innovative sweeping, it also reinforces its sustainable product policy. With its products Fayat Environmental Solutions contributes to healthy living conditions and better wellbeing. 

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