Scarab are the pioneers of the environmentally friendly single engine truck mounted sweeper including CANbus control system and continue to lead the market in this field.

Scarab truck mounted sweeper fayat environmental solutions

Truck mounted

Scarab offers a range of truck mount sweeping solutions which are equally at home in municipal, urban or contracting activities, and are designed for mounting on truck chassis ranging from 7.5 – 19 tonne GVW range and powered by diesel or CNG. The Scarab model range offers both single engine hydrostatic and twin-engine configurations, combined with a modern easy to use CANbus control system.
scarab merlin truck mounted sweeper fayat environmental solutions


This single engine sweeper is available as a Merlin (10 to 16 Tonne GVW) or Merlin XP (7.5 Tonne GVW). Both models utilise Scarabs environmentally-friendly and well-proven Hydrostatic powered sweeping system. The hydrostatic system combined with our CANbus control system and simple joystick forward / reverse control, means this single engine road sweeper is easy to use, with a constant sweeping speed from zero up to 15-20mph whilst the chassis engine runs at an optimal RPM. This ensures long life, low fuel consumption, reduced operator fatigue and low emissions whilst still providing powerful suction performance.
scarab merlin CNG truck mounted sweeper fayat environmental solutions


The single-engine Scarab Merlin mounted onto a CNG chassis satisfies the need to have a street cleansing machine that operates solely on alternative fuel whilst also giving the benefits of reduced fuel costs combined with lower servicing and chassis maintenance costs. The Merlin CNG constitutes an economic, up-to-date and dependable alternative to diesel vehicles, improving both acoustic and gaseous emissions simultaneously. The hybridization of Scarab’s single engine design and CNG power arguably creates the cleanest truck mount sweeper available on the road today.
scarab m65t truck mounted sweeper fayat environmental solutions


The M65T Twin Engine Road Sweeper is capable of being mounted onto virtually any internationally available 12 to 18 tonne GVW truck chassis. Incorporating all the benefits associated with Scarab equipment, the rugged construction and a carefully selected range of options ensure the M65T delivers outstanding performance in municipal, urban or heavy-duty contracting work. The M65T can be supplied as a complete machine mounted on a chassis from the Scarab factory or for specific markets can be supplied as a Skid Unit for local mounting in the country of destination.
Scarab CANbus control system fayat environmental solutions

CANbus Control System

Scarab’s CANbus control system has revolutionised the way sweepers are operated and maintained. Intuitive controls and a conveniently positioned colour monitor provide comprehensive levels of feedback to both operating and service personnel. A graphical display indicates the sweeping configuration and conditions of the vehicle systems including warnings and regular service reminders. Real-time monitoring and datalogging provides valuable assistance in resolving problems and achieving optimum machine performance.

Scarab Merlin & M65T

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  • Brochure Merlin (pdf, 2.67 MB)
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  • Brochure M65T (pdf, 15.74 MB)
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