Scarab are your innovate solution partner for even the most specialist of sweeping applications.

Scarab magnum truck mounted sweeper fayat environmental solutions


With its class-leading, powerful suction, high specification and rugged build the Scarab Magnum range is suited from all civil works to specialist applications including airport runway and aprons, milling work, high pressure surface cleaning and glycol removal. Mounted on a chassis of your choice in the range of 15 to 19 tonnes and combined with Scarab’s renowned hydrostatic drive system and our simple to use CANbus control and diagnostics system, make the Magnum a versatile machine with incredible suction power, excellent endurance and a host of options to suit your requirements.
scarab magnum plus titanium truck mounted sweeper fayat environmental solutions

Titanium options

While the Magnum Plus is designed and built by Scarab in the UK it can then be further enhanced by our specialised dealer Walter in Germany with additional ‘Titanium’ options including full width rear suction nozzle system, a variety of versatile front brushes configurations, a range of high pressure and high volume water options, fully adjustable slewing front spray bar systems and much more.
Scarab CANbus control system sweeper fayat environmental solutios

CANbus Control System

Scarab’s CANbus control system has revolutionised the way sweepers are operated and maintained. Intuitive controls and a conveniently positioned colour monitor provide comprehensive levels of feedback to both operating and service personnel. A graphical display indicates the sweeping configuration and conditions of the vehicle systems including warnings and regular service reminders. Real-time monitoring and datalogging provides valuable assistance in resolving problems and achieving optimum machine performance.

Scarab brochure

  • Magnum Plus brochure (pdf, 2.64 MB)

Scarab Magnum Plus

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